Coffee Shots

Capturing the personality of a classmate with a drink


January 2015

Part 2 of the ' Me, Myself and I' Project done within the first semester of the first year at Falmouth University. The aim of this brief was to take the anonymous questionnaire from part 1, and the six chosen words and apply it for drinks packaging this time. For a recap on the words, these were; energetic, discipline, indecisive, hardworking, hopefulness, and confident. I chose energetic, hardworking and confident this time and chose to make coffee packaging as I thought this best complimented this person. Moreover, I likened the hardworking nature to that of ants because of their overall strength and persistence to work.


The idea was to make coffee easy and accessible for the modern day person. The Brand identity is 'Accelerant' to reflect the energetic and powerful nature of an ant. I took three different ants of varying strength and sizes and used them to embody the capsules — as if you were taking their energy and power for yourself. These capsules work on an easy perforated opening that are essentially pocket espresso shots that give you a caffeine boost throughout the day, and is more likened to iced coffee (where you would find this in a 
vending machine), rather than the usual scolding beverage. 


Furthermore, the usage of 'The Bite, The Flight, The Sting' is referring to the levels of intensity when taking these espresso shots one after the each other, and likening this to the characteristics of the ants.

Accelerant's brand logo.

Smaller pack modelled off the Argentine ant.

Medium pack modelled off the Fire ant.

Large pack modelled off the Trap-Jaw ant.

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