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Summer 2018

Over summer 2018, I had the privilege to work intern-turned-freelance with the incredible e-learning startup; the Night Zookeepers. Inspiring children to read and write through creativity, the brand hosts a great selection of materials to help make learning fun and engaging for 6–11 year-olds across the globe. In a time when the arts in education are having reduced budgets, it's a brilliant way of keeping children creative, whilst learning key literacy skills.


Most recently, they launched a new TV show and microsite (Jan 2019) on Sky Kids to go alongside their e-learning platform, and fantastic range of books, workshops, lesson materials, and other collateral; many of which I had the pleasure of working on alongside creative director Buzz Burman and founder Joshua Davidson. Children can also contribute a great deal to the Night Zoo, whereby their own creations and stories can be published alongside the books and fully animated into the TV show. Awesome, right?!


Below you’ll find a little snippet of what I worked on, and what I helped with. Since Buzz and I were the only members of the design team, I had the amazing opportunity to work independently and shape some of these projects. All in all, it was a brilliant learning experience that I’m proud to have been a part of. 

Check them out and get involved! 

Night Zookeeper website

Sky Kids Microsite


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Tasks included (but not limited to):

Designing challenge resources for and helping contribute to a new Sky Kids microsite 


Helping to redesign the e-learning platform for teachers and children.

Creating a range of masks for children to use in the classroom


A range of digital badges that teacher's can earn through student engagement.

Creating a teacher resource pack that includes lesson plans and activities for children.


Designing a set of posters for US classrooms.

Sky Kids microsite.


Ideation and initial concepts contributed by myself. Final design by Buzz Burman.

At a glance of what you can do on the Sky Kids microsite.


Ideation and initial concepts contributed by myself. Final design by Buzz Burman.

TV show challenges (downloadable from microsite).


E-learning platform redesign


Ideas and final design by Buzz and I.

A range of masks for children to use in the classroom.


Teacher badges to be earned through student engagement.


A teacher companion to go alongside the books.

Another part of the teacher companion.


Posters to help teach children literacy skills.


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