Emergency Services

Do you know what the 112 number is used for? What about 111
and 101?

With 80 years of age, the emergency services are an incredible invention that have saved billions of lives all over the world. Whilst responders and operators do a fantastic job already, accessibility and education on the user side is sub-par. People often confuse non-emergency numbers such as 111 and 101 (medical and police respectively), and people often default call 999 (or their respective) as they no know other number, or simply can’t remember. Moreover, 21st century innovations in technology potentially means that more lives could be saved if we took advantage to improve our services.


Lack of education and accessibility for the services means that there is a lack of awareness of who to call and with what number.


Where iconography is a universal language, associating imagery with scenarios can offer faster reaction times than remembering sequences of numbers.


Reinvention of the emergency services in order to fully utilise technology of the 21st Century.


People across all demographics.

UX/UI/Service Design

April 2017
Updated Oct 2018

Creative Conscience 
Technology Category 
(Silver Award)

Only 3% of 2000 respondants know that the 112 number operates across the EU in the same vein
as 999.


— Foreign Office poll 2012

A basic overview of the interface.


Journey of process.


User journey.


Educating the user.


How elements such as Silent Solutions could be implemented.


How phone technology can be used to alert services.


How wearable technology can be implemented to help the services.

A UI test using Sketch on mobile to refine the user journey.


A whirlwind tour of how you might use the service.

An overview of the service in motion.

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