Hearty Stock Pods

How can we introduce the idea of insect consumption to western communities?

Whilst insects offer greater protein and nutritional value than that of livestock (kilogram for kilogram), western communities find the consumption of insects repulsive and not within our traditions. Brands at the moment either appeal to an athletic audience, or display insect consumption as novelty.  Entomophagy needs to appeal to a more mainstream audience in order to change stigmas and create better alternatives to livestock.


People see insect consumption as novelty or gross.

When cooking food, nutrients are lost. More nutrients are lost than others depending on the cooking method.

A range of stock pots that adds nutrition from insects into meals. A further app extension aims to educate the consumer and integrate insects into their food.

Adults of any age who want healthier alternatives to traditional western meals.


April 2016

Edible insects are undeniably rich sources of iron and their inclusion in the daily diet could improve iron status and help prevent anaemia in developing countries.

– F.O.A

Branding for Hearty.

Packaging range for Hearty Stock Pods.

Brand extension:

An app was created in order to inform the user on what they could pair the insect stock pods with, as according to what ingredients they had in their house.

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