How can we motivate and empower students who may otherwise feel lost and lack


Information Design

April 2017

With standardisation batching children in a factory-like format through education, it can be difficult to precisely track each individual’s attainment that goes through school. Exams and lessons can create immense pressure and seriously impact mental health for students who don’t feel capable in a set subject. These checkpoints are set up once or twice a year in order to check if a child is ‘meeting standards’. There needs to be a way that we can give education back to the students and revitalise their learning.


As school education is standardised, classroom curriculum offers limited flexibility for students and is often measured through assessment against expectation.


Children feel demotivated, feel lost, and lack self-worth when learning in the classroom.


A personalised digital learning companion that aims to visualise and aid a child’s education at a glance in order to celebrate their strengths through empowerment, encouragement, and motivation.


Children aged 5–16, through key stages 1–4.

Out of 2200 young people surveyed, 45% said they did not believe themselves at school. Moreover, young people’s happiness and confidence were at their lowest level since the first survey was commissioned


Prince’s Trust Charity 2017

Branding for MyEducation.

The visual journey.

Tasks and motivation.

Root progression in more detail

Input from tutors.

Progress reports and guidance.

The project was heavily researched, where readings from my dissertation informed the outcome.

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