From the Depths

How can I tell a personal narrative using typography?


May 2015

One of my more serious projects, I chose to create a story personal story revolving around loss and luck. In essence, the story is about a feather I carry in my wallet that has symbolic meaning towards my Grandfather who passed away of cancer 10 years ago. I usually find these feathers at times of distress and I like to think of them as symbols of good luck.


The role of the book was to try and get us to think about pacing and rhythm, and also about how we can convey emotions and tension through the use of typefaces and their weights, sizes and quantity. The craft of the book was made to be a simple and blank as possible, as to not to distract from the typography—the story. Moreover, the idea of finding a feather directly in front of you at certain times I felt to be quite subtle, so I wanted my book not to draw attention. For this reason, I embossed the covers as to not add colour to the white. I also created a case that could double up as packaging and a tissue box; as an added meaning to the story inside.


Overall, I created a book that resonated with some people—making some cry and others grateful—so I feel that I accomplished my task in creating something that could reach out to audience and interact with them on such a level.

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