Polar Bear:

A Project on
Climate Change

"Make anything you want".

So I did.

3D Design

July 2014

The project was a 10 week duration, with the end product being something I would showcase at the end year exhibition for my Art Foundation course. The project was a rollercoaster of emotions; having done pretty much no sculpting before, and nothing of this scale, I was setting myself up for a mighty challenge. I usually do Graphic Design/Illustration but I wanted to venture into something new. The idea of this project changed over time, as mistakes rose and Plan B, turned to Plan C, but the underlying message is climate change; a life-size polar bear being the vessel for this message. The original concept had the bear melting typography - a concept I want to do sometime in the future - but adapted itself when the bear collapsed in the final weeks. The reasoning stayed the same (climate change), but it sought to express how polar bears die more frequently looking for prey since they have to travel longer distances.


The bear was made from a cardboard armature, covered in paper balls and wrapped in masking tape, with a layer of paper mache and paper clay to model. It takes up a space of 66" (Depth) x 81" (Length) x 40" (Height (roughly))

Manchester Metropolitan University 
Student Alumni Award


Fun facts:

About 2000 sheets of newspaper to reinforce the structure of the bear.

The beast stood at
roughly 6ft before it collapsed to 3ft.

I made it in my Nana's living room (sorry 

and thanks!)

Student Alumni Award

Graphic Design & Illustration

June 2014

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