Recipe Ready Meals

How can we create more appropriate ready meals for
the elderly?

We often forget that the elderly are a demographic that needs convenience and good food. The current markets are heavily targeted towards adults, with only a few brands catering to the elderly. Even then, some brands such as M&S use too much salt making meals more of a treat, than something sustained. Where great nutrition can help to ward off mental and physical illness in the elderly, now’s the time to create something truly exciting for the elderly that not only fills their stomachs, but makes them happy.



Current elderly ready meals are made medically and are often bland and unexciting.


A decline in mental health can be improved through great nutrition with meals that are properly enjoyed.


A range of appropriately nutritious ready meals that use family recipes as a foundation for exciting meals.


The elderly; those who perhaps need extra care, or need a quick and convenient meal.


March 2017

Great lack in terms of quality of food designed for the elderly and there are solutions that have been medically conceived, not by the food industry.

— Catherine Renard, scientific coordinator for Optifel

Packaging range for Recipe ready meals.

A Shepherd's Pie, as created by Karen.

Cod Pie and Veggie Lasagne packaging.

Brand summary.

Elements of branding and pack process.

Inside of the packaging –

The perforation on the bottom of the pack allows the consumer to open up the net to see the recipe that inspires each pack. Suggestion section has more emphasis on the person's own recipe story, than simply showing the food. 

Outside of Packaging – 

The recipe which is overleaf has been digitalised and cleaned up, but still captures the essence of wear and tear, and all other marks in order to capture the author's own narrative. Scissor symbols on pack prompt consumer to cut out the recipe and use it for themselves. Consumers are also prompted to send in their own recipes if they feel they have a meal that can help someone else. 

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