War of the Words

Learning the ropes of typesetting with a lecture publication

Editorial Design

January 2016

War of the Words is a publication that accompanies a hypothetical lecturing series based in Amsterdam. Its purpose is to contain articles by lecturing designers, as well as biographies and other features to make the reader want to take it home from the event, and read further. Therefore, the sole purpose of my publication, is for fast pacing and easy referencing.


The main text of the publication utilises modernist grid systems, baselines and the accompanying typefaces Franklin Gothic (headers, titles and such) and Perpetua (body text) to create a regimented structure that functions efficiently. Certain quote and gallery pages are placed throughout to create pacing for the reader, as to not drown them in information from start to end.


The gallery pieces are my own responses to texts—such as Jeff Keedy’s Graphic Design in the Post-Modern era and Irma Boom’s Manifesto for the Book. By reading and listening to these talks, I extracted quotes that interested me and created pieces on them. In essence the idea is that all these voices come together to create a new voice (opinion) in a postmodern format. I found that collaging newspaper headlines would be the most suitable vessel for this idea and proceeded to create the gallery as such and the cover too.

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